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For Art Collectors

Informative links and resources for USA art collectors -

Artnet - database of fine art auction prices and other information for collectors

Email Newsletter (free) for art collectors:

For Artists

Saatchi Art Online Gallery -

Fine Art Studio Online -

Online art collective/community -

Digital Art tools and fun

Interactive drawing websites

Sketch Pad -

Draw it Live - interactive multi-user white board tool -

Bomomo - kinda random but fun

Weave Silk - interactive generative art

Doodletoo - drawing tool and chat room -

Ever looking for colour inspiration? Here are some sites I love!

New York Sky - the average colour for the sky updated every five minutes (other cities too)

View and create palettes and combinations -

HTML Colour picker tool:

Master painters colour palettes:

Historic artists pigments: (good reference site)

Gulf Islands - local links

Vancouver Island Cultural Festival -

ArtCraft - Mahon Hall, summers - Ganges, Salt Spring Island

Artspring - Salt Spring Island

Family, friends and some of my websites

My Mum - Judy Goodman, Basketry -

My three feline art critics - Flick, Dot and Buzz -

My business websites:
Search Success Engineered (search engine help for your website)
AG Web Services (website design)

My Artist website clients:
Mary Laucks -
Susan Donati - (no longer online)

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