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Duck Wakes on an Autumn Pond, acrylic on wood panel 9x12, 2022 by Andrea Goodman


Painting the Seasons

In 2022 I'm exploring patinting the seasons. Autumn colours delight me in more ways than I can explain. Winter on Vancouver island is almost an exercise in greyscale, except when there's enough light to appreciate that everything except the sky is green. Spring delights with new shades of green and plants in bloom. I have nothing agianst summer, but I notice it's frequently neglected in my artwork.

Getting the feel for a season by trying to capture it in paint really does make each season more fascinating. The quality of our attention has a lot to do with our experience of time, and I've learned that being curious adds to my delight in the change of seasons.

New Work

More colour, and abstracts...

In 2021 I launched the Animal Silhouette Series. The series was inspried by my friend Jane, who asked for a deer & trees drawing. I had previously thought I didn't take commissions because I'm not confident of my ability to interpret requests. Now I know it's because I'm far too easily distracted. I mulled over Jane's idea until I was way, way off track, doing something completely different... which occupied me for quite some time, and eventually, hundreds of pieces of art later, I FINALLY got back to the drawing Jane wanted. (thanks for waiting Jane!)

And that's how the Animal Silhouette series was born... The series includes animal silhouettes with a dropcloth background or foreground, and with maps, as well as pen and ink drawings. I started with animals that are important to me personally, part of my natural environment, and my experience of Canada, and now I'm expanding into creatures that have had ecological and economic importance in the history of Canada - look for Buffalo, Beaver, Salmon and Cod coming this summer.

And I still don't take commissions, but at least now I know why!

Bear of Foxglove coloured dropcloth, part of the Animal Silhouette Series available as prints on Saatchi Art


This tribute to cat shapes and west coast flora is titled 'West Coast Cats', and was inspired by my three feline companions.


Drawings & Paintings

Much as I enjoy the simplicity of working with lines, in black on white paper, I miss colour. I love colour! I like mixing colours with paint, combining shades and tones and contrasting colours too. I often stare hungrily at colours in nature trying to memorize them, internalize them, and I imagine how I could replicate them with different kinds of paint or dry media. I like the unexpected adventures of combining wet and dry media, often in layers.

I'm exploring ways to combine painted and coloured backgrounds with pen and ink work.


Orca in Moonlight 10 x 12 pen and ink drawing on painted wood panel
multi media artwork, pen and ink drawing with jewellery like wire frame and hanger

Mixed Media

I also like working in three dimensions, and incorporating re-purposed and found objects and recycled elements too. Some of my work explores a combination of jewelry-like elements with pen and ink drawings, printed and coloured papers. I am often intrigued by printed patterns like circuit diagrams, security envelopes, and maps. I also enjoy the simple, familiar pattern (and texture) of corrugated card board.

Mixed Media


My most recent enthusiasm, quilt patters in paper, exploring the cut and paste combination of papers and colours to capture the experience of a fabric quilt.

Past collages have explored textures and attempted to mimic landscapes, tree-scapes, and city-scapes as well as more abstract forms.

Painted and mono-printed papers are combined with recycled papers with printed patterns, coloured papers and handmade paper. Recycling maps and circuit diagrams and the patterns on security envelopes as well as candy wrappers seemed to me to fit well with the quilt series in particular, since quilts were often made from recycled fabric and scraps left over from other projects.

Although I usually form an idea in my mind, as I'm working on a piece, which way is 'up', some pieces are sufficiently abstract to be displayed either horizontally or vertically, omnidirectional art provides a unique challenge.


Quilt Collage series, using monoprinted and recycled papers and vintage quilt patterns to celebrate the quiltmakers in my family background

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