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Artwork by Andrea Goodman

I have been painting all my life, but until recently my finished artwork has focused more on pen and ink drawings, with paintings as backgrounds, acting more as borders or frames for drawings than as their own creations. That is beginning to change; as I was working through ideas with autumn colours this year, I found that the painting was taking over the space, leaving no room for the drawings I'd initially considered incorporating. Sometimes letting my art show me what it wants to become has fruitful results, so I just let it develop organically. And these three autumn colours paintings are the result.

Winter 2022

Winter Rain themed artwork, acrylic on wood panel, by Andrea Goodman
Winter on Vancouver Island is all about types of water susupended in air... fog, mist, light rain, heavy rain, sheets of water falling... all manners of falling water are here in winter.

Dark sky with light rain, acrylic on wood panel
Sometimes the sky is very dark when it rains, even when the rain is falling lightly, the low light distorts the shades of green in the landscape.

winter landscape, shades of grey, acrylic on wood panel
Sometimes it looks as if the entire world is shades of grey in the winter, and I did a series of paintings to celebrate the greyscale landscape of winter on Vancouver Island.

grey rain
Square wood panels give an intersting opportunity, to hang paintings in different ways. One of these two paintings of rain can be hung from a corner, or not. Art that can be hung in more that one direction is an interesting challenge.

Autumn 2021

2 Autumn themed paintings by Andrea Goodman on wooden panels painted in 2021
I love to watch the change of seasons, but autumn is my favorite for the inspiration provided by the colours of nature.

Autumn field 2021
A row of trees along the edge of a field in a common sight in rural areas, trees provide shelter for crops and farmers often select trees that aren't native to the area, so colours around fields are often more varied than in wooded areas. The light of autumn is special on the west coast with sunlit rain showers and sudden bursts of sunlight through clouds.

Autumn laneway 2021
Lane ways and driveways are often sheltered with trees in farm country... where I grew up they helped stop snow from drifting into lane ways, but here on the milder west coast they still provide shelter. This lane way of poplars captured my eye.

Autumn Rainshower 2021
The amazing and awe inspiring sight of rain falling in sunshine is a west coast treat I never tire of. It can be gloomy, dark and drizzling one moment, then out comes the sun and *presto* the sky is alight with falling diamonds, it's magical. That's what I tried to capture in this painting, Autumn Rain shower 2021.

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