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Artwork by Andrea Goodman

Autumn 2022

Autumn Pond Series 2022, acrylic on wood panel, 9x12 inches, painted by Andrea Goodman
Painting the seasons continues, as I explore autumn ponds, ripples on the water and leaves drifing on or under the surface. The concentric circles around a water droplet or the lines of the wakes left by ducks when they land, textures on calm water really made an impression on my autumn walks this year.

Summer 2022

Quilt Patterns collage series based in classic quilt patterns using painted and recycled papers
Paper Collages based in Quilt Patterns - this pattern is called 'Peace on Earth'.

This series explors ideas of collaboration, community and connection, the collective work of quilt making and is inspired in part by my great grandmothers quilts, still in my family today.

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