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Collages and Paintings

Mono-prints, painted papers, recycled patterns on paper

Artwork by Andrea Goodman

Summer 2022

Quilt Collage Series

Inspired by the collective and collaborative work of quiltmaking and my great grandmothers quilts, I'm exploring family history and community with this series of collages based on quilt patterns.

The Quilt Collage series are in both warm and cool colours on both light and dark backgrounds, and I'm exploring some monochrome patterns next.

Quilt Pattern collage series, Peace on Earth Quilt pattern created with various painted and recycled papers Quilt Pattern collage series, based on classic quilt patterns, using painted and recycled papers by Andrea Goodman

Spring 2022

Orchard in Bloom Collage Series

The changing of the seasons is a constant source of inspiration to me. While spring weather has been cold this year, the orchards still find a way to bloom.

In this series of Blossoming Orchard inspired collages I explore the shapes of pruned trees and the colours and textures of bark, blossons and the places that fruit trees are grown.

Collage by Andrea Goodman, Orchard in bloom 2 or a 4 part series
Night time Orchard in Bloom
Orchard in Bloom, collage by Andrea Goodman, part 3 of a 4 part series
Day time Orchard in Bloom

Winter 2022

The Mother Tree Collage Series

Creating a collage is a much slower and more time consuming process than painting, and I'm not the most patient person, so I am sometimes surprised that I'm drawn to collage work. I like the process of selecting papers and colours; it's different than how I think about colour when I paint.

I've been reading "Finding the Mother Tree" by Suzanne Simard, and I'm so happy to know more about the lives of trees, and so sad that we are changing the tree landscape without understanding it. This series of collages has been named a Tribute to the Mother Tree in honour of Suzanne Simard's work, and I hope it will lead people to better understand and appreciate the trees in their lives.

If you are interested in the process of creating paper collages, please read more here: Collage Process

A Tribute to the Mother Tree, a paper collate by Andrea Goodman A Tribute to the Mother Tree Night, a paper collage by Andrea Goodman

Monoprinting and Digital Collage

Orca on blue dropcloth Prints of my collages made with dropcloth backgrounds are now available on Saatchi Art! Dropcloth Collection

This series of silhouettes of west coast wildlife includes Deer, Elk, Orca, Bear, Starfish and more to come. The backgrounds for these silhouette images are made from the papers I use to cover my work surface, and I've been experimenting with monoprinting bubble wrap (I love bubble wrap) and I like the visual reminder, particularly on the Sea Life images, of the hazard that plastic presents to the natural world. Plastic waste in our oceans and on land is an environmental issue I value the opportunity to bring awareness to.

And continuing with my work using maps, there are 'Map Animals' in the animal silhouette series too! Map Animals Collection

Spirit Bear Animal Silhouette Dropcloth Series
Spirit Bear, of Foxglove coloured Dropcloth
Buck Leaping Animal Silhouette Dropcloth Series
Leaping Buck on Green Dropcloth

Autumn 2021

Drop cloth collages of Autumn Trees. I'm experimenting with more drop cloth collage art, this time exploring shapes and colours of autumn trees.
Collage of Autumn tree, with dropcloth abstract painted leaves paper collage, using dropcloth abstract painted paper, coloured paper, and paper coloured with paint, crayon and pastel to resemble bark


I've started to explore collages made incorporating old road maps. As a motorcyclist I have a loving fondness for maps, but as many people switch their navigation to digital devices, paper maps aren't as popular any more. So I put out a request to my motorcycling friends for their used and worn old maps, and this is the resulting artwork.
tree silouette using road map abstract landscape of hills and a full moom
There are 'Map Animals' in the animal silhouette series too! Map Animals Collection

Trees continue to populate my artwork, particularly in autumn, a season rich with colours and scents I really enjoy.

autumn trees on an abstract landscape of hills using old road maps abstract landscape of hills and trees, incorporating recycled road maps
Artist Andrea Goodman, collage of painted paper, paper and corrugated cardboard, with integral wire hanger

Logs on a beach

This collage of three 'logs' made of painted and recycled paper, threaded through black paper background and mounted on corrugated cardboard was inspired by logs on a west coast island beach, the spine of the island outlined by the shape of the top of the piece. Using recycled cardboard and paper to honour trees in art seems to me to be very appropriate.

Collages with Marbeled paper

Creating marbled paper is a fun process, and the amazing organic looking patterns you can create are endlessly variable. Mono prints of other types, with different kinds of paints are something I'm enjoying exploring and experimenting with.

I started exploring collages partly to justify making more marbled paper, that's how much fun it is!

marbeled and mono printed papers pasted onto black paper
marbelled paper and mono-printed papers

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