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I love sending and receiving cards and letters in the mail. My childhood friend Alice and I still correspond by mail as we have since going to University in different cities. When I design cards, I spend time thinking about how we communicate, about sending messages to home, or from home, or to whom. The images I create for cards evoke a sense of place, the environment in which I create the artwork. I guess I'm hoping to send a bit of the natural beauty around me out into the world.

West Coast Cats Cards

I love cats... I presently share my home with three of them. This design emerged from a combination of my love of the west coast landscape and my admiration of the feline form.

West Coast Cats art cards by Andrea Goodman

2018, 2019 & 2020 Cards, no longer available

2020 art card printed from original artwork by Andrea Goodman
Art cards by Andrea Goodman

First Card Series

NOTE: This card series is presently sold out, but a future reprinting is being considered, please contact me if you are interested in being contacted when these cards are reprinted.

Textures in Nature

Series of 20 cards by Andrea Goodman


My cards and line drawings mainly explore textures and patterns in nature.

Lines and patters; these are means by which I explore textures. In this series of 20 cards I explore natural textures including tree bark, wood and leaves in sunlight, grass, reeds, shrubs, feathers, fungus, moss, seeds and fruit, water, sand and stone.

Textures in Nature card set by Andrea Goodman
hand drawn art card reproductions pen and ink line drawings reproduced as blank cards
card art by Andrea Goodman pen and ink art notecards with blank interior
art cards by Andrea Goodman Vancouver Island artist art cards of west coast nature
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