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Telling a story with images

In 2021 I launched a series I called the 'Animal Silhouette series', initially inspired by my friend Jane's request for a pen and ink drawing of a deer. I have avoided taking commissions in the past, lacking the confidence I could fulfil them, since I don't normally produce art on a schedule or to someone elses specifications. But through the process of this project I discovered the real reason I can't take commissions is that I'm far too easily distracted. Jane's deer grew to be a series of over 600 images. She did eventually get her deer, and the animal silhouette series grew to be a story about the natural and human history of Canada. That's how I discovered I am not just dividing space with lines and colours, I aspire to tell a story.

The Silhouette Series

Jane eventually got the deer drawing she asked for, and the series expanded to include west coast wildlife, then wildlife I have seen motorcycling across the country, then animals of economic significance in the European migration into Canada. As a person of European ancestry I'm mindful that my ancestors invaded this country and I'm aware that I occupy lands that belong to Canada's first nations. And all of the creatures in this series have been exploited in a variety of ways by my ancestors, and that's all part of the story I struggle to tell with words, and find much easier to convey with images. Please enjoy the creatures and beings that are part of the story that is the animal silhouette series.

Leaping Doe, in pen and ink, part of the Animal Silhouette Series Canada Goose, a silhouette removed from the map of Muskoka Ontario
Two Orca, diving, upon a blue ocean background that is a dropcloth abstract art created from the paper that covers my work surface Pink Rabbit, dropcloth silhouette on a white ground
The Animal Silhouette Series is avaiable on Saatchi Art:

Painting the Seasons

In recent years I've been experimenting with living more in tune with the seasons, and telling the story of seasonal changes with my artwork. This has been a very exciting discovery, a way to get more joy out of nature, to watch for all the visible indications of change of seasons, and try to capture them in paintings and drawings. I really love autumn colours, so I've nearly always painted autumn, but expanding my seasonal focus to winter has brought me joy too. On Vancouver Island winter is rain, fog, clouds, grey and the subtle differences between many kinds of water in the air. I enjoy it much more when I'm trying to paint it, because it gives me the opporunity to appreciate the details, which turns out to be a great way to savour the seasons.

Autumn Pond with Duck Wakes 2022 Acrylic on wood panel
Autumn Pond with Duck Wakes
Acrylic on wood panel

Autumn Lane painted 2021 Acrylic on wood panel
Autumn Lane
Acrylic on wood panel


I use as much recycled content in my art as possible... I use recovered, reclaimed and recycled papers (like obsolete road maps and security envelopes). When I paint, I cover my work surface in paper which becomes stained and marked with paint that drips off my art and places where I check brushes, colours etc. This paper eventually develops into a work of art itself, and interaction between my painting and my work surface, my environment and my process. I've used these abstract mixed media paintings in a series of pieces called the animal silhouette series which celebrates the wildlife I encounter and creatures that have played a role in the development of Canada. I try to waste as little as possible in the process of creating artwork.

Environmental care

Recycling materials in my art is one aspect of my care for the environment, but it's more to me... By celebrating the beautiful natural landscape I live in, I hope to inspire people to care for it more carefully. I'm mindful of the toxic nature of some art materials, and I do my best to use environmentally friendly paints, sealants and materials. I've experimented with natural dies and pigments, but some are very ephemeral, fading quickly, and I try to find a balance between creating art that will last, and yet also be able to be returned to the earth safely when it's no longer appreciated. Most artists want their work to last forever, and it would be gratifying to leave a legacy, but not all art remains relevant to its owner, so I recognize the possibility it may be disposed of, and I feel responsible for allowing this to be done safely.

Community care

Donating my artwork, or selling it to raise funds for a specific cause is one of my great joys in life. In 2021 I supported the Canadian Mental Health Association with art for a fundraising auction, and I created a series of ten paintings of Orca, to be sold to raise funds for the Orca Rescue Society. As of January 2023, 4 Orca are still available for 'adoption' in exchange for a donation. If you would like to adopt an Orca (artwork), please contact me by email.

Cards are where it started...

Art, Cards and Drawings by Andrea Goodman

My cards and line drawings mainly explore textures and patterns in the natural enviroment of Canada's west coast where I'm fortunate to live surrounded by trees.

Much as I enjoy the simplicity of working with lines, in black on white paper, I miss colour - I love colour, mixing paint, combining shades and tones, and I often stare hungrily at colours in nature trying to memorize them while I imagine how I could replicate them with different kinds of paint, crayons or pastels, or coloured pencils.

I also like working in three dimensions, and incorporating re-purposed found objects and recycled elements too, so a few of my pieces explore a combination of jewelry-like elements with pen and ink drawings.

west coast cats, art cards blank inside, by Andrea Goodman
Pen and ink drawing digitally reproduced as a printed (blank inside) greeting card. 3 different designs are presently available. The initial printing of 20 designs has sold out but will be reprinted if in demand.

pen and ink drawing on acrylic stained wood panel
Pen and ink drawing on a acrylic stained wood panel

pen and ink drawing mounted on a wooden box

Drawing on mat on circuit diagram background, with built in wire frame embellished with found and recycled objects and assorted beads
Pen and ink drawing, on grey textured paper mat, on circuit diagram background, with built in wire frame embellished with found and recycled objects and assorted beads.

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