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by Andrea Goodman

Pond Ripples and autumn leaves, acrylic on wood panel, 9 x 12 inches, by Andrea Goodman 2022 Do you remember lying on the grass, looking up at clouds drifting past overhead? Or sitting on a log in the woods breathing green, and feeling the texture of tree bark? Or the slippery roundness of rocks under cold feet wading in a river?

I have all those lovely memories of time spent in nature, and as I enjoy reliving them, I think I was often contemplating drawing what I saw at the time I was enjoying the smells and textures of nature. While gazing up at the clouds I was thinking of how to capture that image into my sketchbook, or how to mix that colour of blue with paints, or draw their texture with pencils. So I endeavour to capture a visual image of time spent in nature that evokes textures and the entire sensory experience of outdoors.

Abstract Conceptual Minimalism is one description of my art, but I prefer 'whimsical bohemian doodlish'. I seek to convey an abstract impression of nature. I want to tell a story of a landscape, creature or place in nature. I aspire to create a visual image that can evoke the tactile and aromatic experiences of the natural world hidden in your memories.

Red Pawn casts a long shadow, photograph of mixed media

Mixed Media Photograph

Red Pawn: casts a long shadow

This piece started as one thing, got abandoned, another component was built and not used... the bits and pieces of this artwork came together to tell a story, in the form of a photograph. I don't list photography amongst my skills for a reason, it's just part of the provenance of this piece that it came together from unlikely accidents.

Read more: Mixed Media

Autumn 2022

Autumn pond with duck wakes, 2022 by Andrea Goodman, acrylic painting on wood panel 9x12 inches

Pond in Autumn Series

Autumn colours fascinate me, and I usually paint treed landscapes in autumn, but this year I started to look for autumn colours in other places, and noticed leaves drifting on the river and in ponds. The interaction of the water in the pond with the leaves landing or drifint captured my attention. And while I was walking along an estuary, watching the ducks landing, I noticed other disturbances to the mirror smooth surface of the water. This series is about the interaction between autumn leaves and water, a closer look at the landscape. It's also about sharing my experience gazing at very still water, a peaceful moment in the general business of blustery, rainy autumn weather. There are only two ponds in this series, but you can see more paintings here: Paintings Page.

Summer 2022

Quilt Collage Series, Rhapsody in Blue quilt pattern, constructed from painted and recycled papers

Quilt Collage Series

Inspired by the quilts made by my great grandmother, and by the collective and collaborative work of early quilt makers; by both the early industrial processing of cotton into fabric and the recycling and reuse of fabrics through the quilt making craft. Quilts speak to me in so many ways. With this series of paper collages using recycled and painted papers I explore the craft and meanings of quilts.

This series is still in the works, but you can see a few more examples on the Collage page.

Spring 2022

Oak and Three Pines, Tree Silhouettes by Andrea Goodman

Silhouettes of Trees

The Silhouette Series expands to include Trees. The Silhouette series was originally a celebration of the creatures of Canada, but it has expanded to include trees as well. A landscape for the creatures to roam.

There are also new Collages for Spring - the Orchard in Bloom series of 4 collages; you can see them on the Collage page, and prints are available on Saatchi too.

Winter 2022

A Tribute to the Mother Tree, a series of three paper collages by Andrea Goodman A new series of collages, called A Tribute to the Mother Tree, inspired by Suzanne Simards book "Finding the Mother Tree" and my own love of the trees I live amongst.

Paper collage is much slower than painting, but despite the challenges to my admitedly somewhat limited patience, I find the process of combining coloured papers in different ways to be very satisfying, and I've described a bit more about my collage creation process here: Collage Process Notes

This is a series of three collages, and prints are available in my Saatchi Gallery

Animal Silhouette Series

Doe of the textures of Trees, pen and ink drawing by Andrea Goodman - prints available on Saatch art

Spirit Bear in the colours of Foxglove, animal silhouette series
Prints of my 'Animal Silhouette' Series are now available through Saatchi Art Gallery:

Visit Andrea Goodman's profile on Saatchi Art


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